TOYA - Technician of the Year Award


People love to talk about the BIG picture….or they ask you to examine something from “the 30,000 foot view” but, let’s face it…where would the On-Site Power Industry be without our trusted EGSA-Certified Generator Technicians? 

There’d be no bigger hole to fill, that’s a fact! Without someone servicing, maintaining, selling parts and providing customer assurance with the quality and care that your brand (Manufacturer or Distributor Dealer) relies upon, this Industry would suffer greatly.

As most industry insiders would report, we already lack enough quality generator technicians in the industry and with those baby boomers retiring in droves, the picture doesn’t look pretty! We offer benefits in our industry such as a clean work environment if you like to turn wrenches and a good hourly wage.

If Distributors and Dealers are experiencing a lack in technician talent, why not start with shifting the focus to the best ones out there? Why not incentivize great energy and achievement with an Awards Program? Why not shamelessly promote the technicians who are making a difference, improve employee morale…and give the rest something to aspire to? How about creating a culture of Excellence (or EGSA-Lence)? Can you imagine the competitive advantage of having a TOYA Winner on your team?

The benefits don’t just start and stop with the DD! Consider the Benefits for the Technician: 

Every one, at every level, wants to be recognized for a great job! The TOYA, in our sixth year, is quickly becoming a capstone to any technician’s career, inciting further personal and professional growth. The award validates his or her personal value to the Team and most importantly, it gives every EGSA Certified Technician a goal for which to strive for and attain.

These are just a few images we ask you to visualize for the future of On-Site Power and then, we want you to act!

Talk it up with your peers, encourage businesses to honor their technicians, fill out a TOYA online application for a great technician that never toots his own horn and help EGSA reach our goals of this exciting, first of its kind recognition in our industry.

Each September, during our Fall Conference, EGSA will honor our TOYA winner in style!  From the travel to/from the conference, lodging and event will all be taken care of for the TOYA winner and a guest.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Candidates must be employed by an EGSA member company in good standing.  In the event that a TOYA applicant is nominated, selected as the winner and then has the employment terminated - the nomination will stand as valid as long as the new employer is an EGSA member in good standing.

  2. Candidate must be an EGSA certified technician.  In the event that the TOYA applicant's re-certification expires in the month the contest completes (August 2019), the technician must make arrangements to sit for the test so that there is no lapse in certification.

  3. Must be a first time winner.

The 2019 TOYA Application Process begins in May 2019.



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