Onsite Power Pavilion Sponsored by EGSA at POWER-GEN International Trade Show

EGSA Pavilion at PowerGenEGSA's On-Site Power Pavilion—a "show within a show"—provides EGSA Member firms with a unique opportunity to showcase their products within a defined area on the POWER-GEN International show floor. By grouping displays of firms that make, sell, and distribute On-Site Power Generation equipment, products and services, it raises awareness of On-Site Power's place within the larger context of the overall electrical power generation industry.  You will know you are in the EGSA Pavilion when you walk in the red carpeted aisles.  Click here to visit the POWER-GEN website.

EGSA On-Site Power Pavilion at POWER-GEN International 2020 

December 8-10
Orlando, FL

The world's biggest show for power generation, this show attracts more than 18,000 attendees from 76 countries and features 1,200 exhibitors.

As in the past, this year's show will include an EGSA-sponsored pavilion dedicated solely to the On-Site Power generation industry.  

Several conference sessions will be held on the 2020 show floor, including sessions on Microgrids, Onsite Power and Energy Storage which will be held in front of the EGSA Pavilion.

Decentralized Hub

Decentralized Energy Hub

The power sector is getting stretched like never before. Rooftop and community solar, batteries and other storage options are contributing to this movement, allowing customers to be prosumers of their energy. Microgrids are creating generation islands, able to help critical functions continue even during outages... Read full description

Onsite Power Track

On-Site Power Track

This track focuses at the center point of flexible generation. Gensets—whether diesel, gas or dual-fuel—are evolving to meet new needs and also provide power for isolated and industrial processes. They can be found at hospitals.  Learn More.

Microgrid Track

Microgrids Track

The rapid growth and development of microgrids is driven by various needs and goals within utilities. Some find the integrated technology as a great way to ensure resiliency against storms, while others use it as a way to ensure energy security for crucial services such as hospitals, municipalities and the military.  Learn More.


Floor Plan

PowerGen Floorplan

The floor plan for the 2020 show can be viewed by clicking the picture on the left.  The EGSA Pavilion is in the top right side of the show floor.  

Want to exhibit in an area dedicated to the On-Site Power Industry?  Contact Liz Bustamante to find out about pricing and to reserve a space.

Need more info about who attends the show?  Click here.


Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor ResourcesManage your exhibitor listing, Access the Exhibitor Manual, Register Booth Staff, See the Event Schedule and more at the Exhibitor page of the Power-Gen Website.  


FairGuide Warning For Exhibitors

PennWell has issued a warning to all exhibitors to be wary of third-party companies claiming to manage the exhibitor listings.  Read the full warning on the Exhibitor Resources page of the Power-Gen website, linked above.