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Encouraging your techs to display the "EGSA Certified" logo is one more way you can differentiate your company from the competition.

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Powerline Magazine

2019 - Q3 Issue

  • 2019 EGSA Fall Conference Preview
  • Generators and Nonlinear Loads - Harmonic Mitigation
    Eliminates Oversizing Requirement

  • Power U: As Utility Power Outages Rise, 3 Universities
    Keep Emergency Backup Costs Down

  • Meet Our 2019 Technician of the Year (TOYA) Finalists

  • Fibrebond Company Profile

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EGSA's Mission

Under the leadership of its Board of Directors and operating through its various committees and staff, EGSA strives to educate, provide networking opportunities and share relevant knowledge and trends with industry professionals including manufacturers, distributor/dealers, engineers, manufacturer representatives, contractor/integrators and others serving On-Site Power consumers.

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