Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives of EGSA member companies elected by the association's membership. The Board sets policy, reviews and approves the annual budget, provides direction to staff, and promotes participation in association activities.



Kurt Summers
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Austin Generator Service
Austin, TX 
Phone: (512) 251-2247

Vice Chair

Tom Black
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ASCO Power Technologies
Troy, MI 
Phone: (248) 763-4343


Justin McMahon
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Nidec Electric Power Generation
Bloomington, MN
Phone: (952) 300-2564


Hal Walls
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MineTerra Corporation
Reno, NV
Phone:  (775) 300-9055


Dan Barbersek
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Waukesha-Pearce Industries, Inc.
Austin, TX
Phone: (214) 455-0599

Charlie Habic
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Gillette Generators Inc.
Elkhart, IN
Phone: (574) 264-9639

Chris Nagle
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Siemens Energy
Windsor, CT
Phone: (860) 607-1350

Lee Newton
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Bay Diesel Corp.
Richmond, VA
Phone:  (804) 230-3495

Bob Niederhauser
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Thrustmaster of Texas
Houston, TX
Phone:  (713) 705-0769

Walter Petty
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Atlantic Power Solutions
Siler City, NC
Phone:  (919) 837-2959

Michael Sanford
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Cummins, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (651) 787-6293

Brian VenHorst
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Tramont Manufacturing LLC
Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 659-0314