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To renew your EGSA membership, please go to MyEGSA, and click the Renew button to be guided through the process. If you need assistance, reach out to our Manager of Membership Services, Sarah Cullen, at

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Interested in joining EGSA? Complete the EGSA Membership Application by creating an account and completing with correct information. Once the application has been submitted, an EGSA staff person will review your application and respond within 2 business days. Once payment is made, the membership becomes active and remains valid for one calendar year. Membership fees are prorated based on the start date, meaning that if you join partway through the year, your membership fee will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the remaining months of the year. To explore membership fees and categories or if you any other questions, contact Sarah Cullen, the Manager of Membership Services, at ‚Äč

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Empower Your Team
All-Inclusive Membership: Joining EGSA extends exclusive member privileges and discounted rates to all employees in your organization, enhancing their professional growth and access to industry resources.

Connect, Learn, and Grow
Networking and Discounts: Dive into a world of connections at our annual conferences. Enjoy substantial discounts on Events, Educational Resources, including the "On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book" - the industry bible, and Job Bank Ads. It's your gateway to networking with industry leaders and pioneers. Introduced in 2024, the MyEGSA Savings Program where members can unlock significant discounts from a growing list of top-tier retailers and service providers. 

Certification and Specialized Training: Elevate your credentials as an EGSA Certified Technician or enrich your skills at our Rowley Schools of On-Site Power and Load Bank Schools. We're here to help take your professional journey to the next level. Choose from in-person, online, or experiential learning formats to fit your style. Our comprehensive educational offerings are designed to cater to every learning need.

Exclusive Resources: Stay ahead of the curve with our acclaimed publications like our informative quarterly "Powerline Magazine", discounted reference materials, and essential glossaries and standards - all tools for our members to stay informed and innovative about the latest developments, insights, and trends in the on-site power generation industry.

Be a Part of Something Bigger: Join our Committees and Task Forces to have a real impact in shaping the future of on-site power. Lead, learn, and collaborate with the best in the industry.

Recognition and Visibility
Promote Your Brand:
Use the EGSA logo to enhance your marketing initiatives. Plus, a complimentary member listing in the highly anticipated annual EGSA Buying Guide elevating your company's visibility in the industry.

EGSA membership isn’t just about being part of an association; it's about empowering your team, expanding your network, and elevating your industry presence. 

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