EGSA's Rowley Schools of On-Site Power Generation

The Basic School is geared for those that need an understanding of the theory and application of the mechanical and electrical components within a generator system, starting with Basic Electricity. Many sales, marketing, management, applications engineers, engine technicians and administrative personnel have benefitted from this course.

In comparison to the Basic School, the Advanced School is designed for those who have a good understanding of the basic mechanical and electrical systems found in an on-site generator set. A minimum of 3 years experience in the industry is recommended. It will be particularly useful for those employed in engineering, project management, service positions and business owners.



In addition to the Basic and Advanced George Rowley Schools of On Site Power Generation, EGSA offers a On Site Power Generation Technician Certification testing program with two levels of certifications offered - Apprentice and Journeyman. While the two George Rowley Schools offer an excellent foundation in the fundamentals of On Site Power Generation, the successful technician needs a more detailed education specifically designed for the professional technician. Commonly used to confirm technical competence following a formal training program, the Technician Certification program also includes study guides.  Learn more...

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