Technician Certification

As part of its commitment to advancing professionalism within the On-Site Power industry, EGSA has created the Electrical Generator Systems Technician Certification Program. Through rigorous testing, the program will identify those technicians who not only have a broad knowledge of electricity, mechanical and electrical components and the interaction between them, but are proficient in the installation, service, maintenance, and repair of On-Site Power generation systems.

Technician Certification is available in two levels:

  • Apprentice - The Apprentice level exam provides technical college students, recent graduates, military personnel and other 1st or 2nd-year technicians with proof that the basic skill set has been met (certification valid for 3 years). 
  • Journeyman - A passing grade on our Journeyman exam assures an employer that this technician meets or exceeds 3 years of practical field experience. This exam tests in 61 individual areas of expertise (certification valid for 5 years).


Test Preparation

EGSA has two options to help you prepare for the Apprentice and Journeyman Certification exams. 

The first option is the EGSA Prep Online Learning Program. Prime Power created this preparatory course to assist you in preparing for the Apprentice and Journeyman EGSA Certification exam. These courses include 30+ modules and homework assignments. This is a great option for technicians who need to LEARN about the subjects/topics that are covered in the test. This program is completely online and self-paced. For more information please use the link below:


The second option is the Apprentice and Journeyman Study Guides developed by EGSA and Ferris State University. These study guides are practice test booklets that are mailed directly to you. These study guides are a great option for technicians who have the experience, but just want to know what to expect on test day. The practice test includes all the modules that are included in each test, practice questions, and reference to where the information can be sited. Orders for Technician Certification items must be made directly through Ferris State University using the orders forms below:  


Please contact Ferris State to check the status of your order.


Learn more about pricing and get registration forms on our Pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Technician Certification?  Please visit our FAQ page.