EGSA recognizes significant contributions to the association and to the on-site power generation industry through a number of awards, traditionally given during our annual conferences.

Technician of the Year Award (TOYA)

TOYA honors one generator technician each year who not only possesses the well-rounded skill-set requirements of electrical and mechanical acumen, but also has consistently gone above and beyond for an entire career. Whether the recognition stems from an emergency response, an act of heroism or consistently going beyond the call of duty, the EGSA TOYA winner is singular. The TOYA also showcases overcoming challenges and staying abreast of educational and EGSA Certification opportunities.

The Gordon Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 1994, The Gordon Johnson Award is given on an as-needed basis to honor an individual who has devoted his career to the betterment of the Association and the industry. This “Member Emeritus” award is only given to such individuals who have retired from the industry, but whom the Association feels deserve the title of “member for life.” The award is named in honor of—and was first given to—Past EGSA President Gordon Johnson, whose name has become synonymous with EGSA.

Gordon was employed by Kohler Co. as a Senior Staff Engineer in its Generator Division and was highly active in EGSA for well over two decades. He chaired the Engineering Committee (1973-77) and won the Carpenter Award in 1975. He served as Director (1977-80), Secretary-Treasurer (1981), Second Vice President (1982), First Vice President (1983) and President (1984). After his retirement from Kohler Co. he extended his career in the industry by serving as EGSA Technical Advisor (1997-1999).

The Leroy H. Carpenter Award

The Carpenter Award is given annually to honor an individual for long and outstanding service to the Association. It was first given in 1972 and was later named in honor of Leroy H. (Roy) Carpenter after his untimely death during an EGSA convention.

Leroy was Manager of Quality & Electrical Test for Fermont Corp. of Bridgeport, CT. He was very active in EGSA and was Chairman of the Convention Planning Committee. He was also very active in the Government Liaison Committee and served as Vice Chairman (1971-72) and served on the Military Standards Sub-Committee.

The William Timmler Award

The Timmler Award is given annually to honor an individual for an outstanding job as committee chairman. The “Outstanding Committee Chair” award was first awarded in 1970. The award was renamed for William Timmler, Jr. after his death from cancer in the late 1970’s.

William (Bill) Timmler was V.P. of Marketing for Lima Electric Co. of Lima, OH. Lima was a subsidiary of Condec Corp. of Greenwich, CT. Bill received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to his work at Lima, he worked for Louis Allis as an Electrical Engineer.

Bill was very active in EGSA. He served on the Marketing Committee and chaired the Activities Committee (1973-74). He also served as a Director (1972-74), Secretary-Treasurer (1974-75), Vice President (1975-76) and President (1976-77). He was honored with the Carpenter Award in 1979.

The James Wright Educator Award

The Wright Award is given on an as-needed basis to honor those individuals who have devoted their energies to the betterment of the Association’s education programs. The award was named in honor of James Wright.

Jim received a BS in Nautical Science from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, L.I., NY. He was employed by Lima Electric Co, Inc. in various Generator Sales and Engineering positions from 1968-1986 when Marathon Electric Mfg. Corp. acquired Lima Electric Co. He remained with Marathon until his retirement in 2012.

Jim was very involved in EGSA for decades having served on the Technical & Standards Committee (1973-78), chaired the Education Committee (1985-94). He also served as Secretary-Treasurer (1987), Second Vice President (1988), First Vice President (1989) and President (1990). He was awarded the Timmler Award in 1989 for his work with the Education Committee and won the Carpenter Award in 1992. He has served with the EGSA On-Site Power Generation School from its inception in 1983 to date. He authored two chapters of the EGSA On-Site Power Reference Guide (2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions). He was a featured speaker at a number of national and regional conventions and technical conferences, and he has written a number of technical articles for EGSA’s Powerline magazine.

George Rowley School Instructor Appreciation Program

In 2007, the EGSA Board of Directors established an Instructor Appreciation Program for the purpose of recognizing the contributions on instructors -- and their employers -- who have devoted significant time and effort to the EGSA Rowley Schools of On-Site Power Generation, and who have taught in the school for at least 5 years.

David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Program

The David I. Coren Scholarship Program was established to provide financial assistance to students who plan to seek employment in the On-Site Power Generation industry after they have successfully completed their studies. The Scholarship Program was named after David Coren to commemorate his exemplary leadership as well as his efforts and many contributions to advance EGSA.

David joined both Zenith Controls and EGSA in the early 1990's. He became Chairman of EGSA's Convention Planning Committee in the mid 1990's, and his strong leadership led to many exciting convention programs. In 1999, EGSA recognized his contributions to the Convention Program Planning Committee by honoring him with the William Timmler Award.

David held several executive positions at Zenith Controls including Manager of Business Development, and Vice-President. He became President of Zenith in the late 1990's and held that position until the company was sold to General Electric at the end of 1999. David's integrity, honest and direct approach, and caring attitude earned him the respect of all the employees at Zenith, as well as throughout our industry. David passed away in the fall of 2000, leaving his wife and two young children, and also leaving a lasting legacy of EGSA leadership.

The President's Award

Established in 2009, The President's Award is given on an as needed basis to honor an individual who has volunteered their time and energy to the betterment of the Association and the industry through a specific project or endeavor.  This "Above and Beyond the Call" award is only given to those individuals who have provided exceptional service and dedication in carrying a single project from its inception to its launch.