Job Opportunities

EGSA allows its member firms to post job openings on this site. If you are not a member, but would like to post a position, please consider joining EGSA.

Listings are automatically removed after 60 days.

To Post a Job

  1. Log in (you must be a member of EGSA)
  2. Click on "Add New Job Opportunity" below.
  3. Fill in the job information.  Job postings are limited to 50 words.
  4. For your job posting, you will see "delete" and "edit" buttons below the posting. Use these if you need to change the posting at a later date.
  5. Only ads created or modified within the last 60 days are displayed.
  6. If you designate your ad to appear in Powerline, the closing date for inclusion in the magazine is the 15th of the month prior to publication (example:  the closing date for the May/June issue is April 15).

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble posting your job, try one of the tips below:

  • Shorten the description (50 word limit on job descriptions).  Remove a few sentences from the job description and submit the ad.  Once it posts, go back and "Edit" the posting, adding in the sentences that you removed, one at a time.
  • Paste a text file of the description.  If you are copying and pasting the job description from a MS Word doc, the formatting (such as bullet points) can be read as words, increasing the word count of your description.  Copy the description into Notepad, then paste it into the job bank.

Current Listings


Central America

Area Sales Manager for Latin America

ComAp, Americas

Central and South America

USA Northeast

Field Service Technician

Kinsley Power Systems

NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH, VT, ME, NY, NYC, RI, Long Island etc.

USA Mid-Atlantic

Field Service Technician

Martin Energy Group Services LLC

Ephrata PA (Lancaster)

USA Southeast

Generator Service Technician

National Power Corp


USA Midwest

Field Service Technician

Clifford Power Systems

Kansas City, MO

USA Southeast

Technical Support Communicator

Nixon Power Services


USA Midwest

Sales Engineer

Mecc Alte Inc.

McHenry IL

USA Southeast

Application Engineer

Nixon Power Services

Charlotte, NC

USA National

Control Design Engineer

Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc.

Santa Fe Springs, CA USA

USA Southwest

Generator Technician

Prentiss, MS

USA Northeast

Service Manager

Powers Generator Service

Swanzey, NH