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George Rowley School Announcement

Posted On: 7-01-2013

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Boca Raton, FL - The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) is pleased to announce that we are recognizing our colleague, Mr. George Rowley, former Education Director from 2001-2012, by renaming our Basic and Advanced School Programs in his honor.

Rowley was not only an integral part of the cultivation and advancement of the EGSA Schools, he is also responsible for extensive work on each of our EGSA education programs, from the EGSA Technician Certification Program to the David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Program. 

Our 2013 EGSA President, Debra Laurents of Cummins Power Generation, had this to say, “We will miss George’s presence at our conventions and committee meetings. Renaming the EGSA schools is a fitting way to honor his contributions to the Association. His efforts have resulted in significant growth in our educational programs, and have given us a solid foundation for taking them into the future. The Rowley School will be an important legacy not only to EGSA, but also to the On-Site Power Generation Industry.”

Last September, George had this to say, “The generosity of EGSA Members has always been evident to me, with many people stepping forward and sharing resources. That initial group that assisted me grew as the years flew by. The combination of my own education skills, coupled with Members’ subject matter expertise and the great teamwork and camaraderie at EGSA has enabled us to have great success with our schools, the Technician Certification Program, the Scholarship Program, the Reference Book, as well as countless other fulfilling projects.”

Many may recall that Rowley had a crippling accident while on vacation in 2012 and was physically unable to continue his 11-year tenure with the trade association. 

Our Education Committee Chair, Dennis Pearson, who has worked closely with George on several projects remarked, “Drinking from a fire hose is how one past instructor described the early experience of a typical student. George came in and provided professional organization to the schools, streamlined the curriculum and provided professional coaching to all the instructors for personal improvement. Thanks to George, EGSA has a first-class training program serving the On-Site Power Generation Industry. All of us on the Education Committee have recognized the continual contributions George has made to improve EGSA education. We thank you George.”

 “It is with great honor that from this day forward, July 1, 2013, the EGSA School Program will be known henceforth as the EGSA George Rowley School of On-Site Power Generation, and informally known as the Rowley School. Please join us in making the transition. George touched the lives of so many and built the EGSA Education Program from the ground up, with Members from all segments of our trade association,” says Jalane Kellough, EGSA Executive Director. 

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