Load Bank School and Certification

EGSA Load Bank Certification 

EGSA’s Load Bank School & Certification is a 2.5-day course which includes classroom and hands-on training sessions. This course covers correct safety protocols, deciphering nameplate ratings of generators, different types of load tests, connections, testing requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), applying the appropriate loads for the test required, gathering/calculating/documenting load test parameters and results, site and environmental conditions, and potential problems/corrective actions. 

The course concludes with students taking the EGSA Load Bank Certification test. Attendance is open to all our members who hold either Apprentice or Journeyman Certification. Each school has only 8 spots available.

Registration Includes: Load Bank Certification Exam and a 5th Edition On-Site Power Generation Reference Book

Requirements: Must be Apprentice or Journeyman Certified in order to attend a Load Bank School. 

2024 Dates


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