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TOYA Applications Now Being Accepted

Posted On: 6-03-2014

EGSA Solicits Technician of the Year (TOYA) Applications Starting in June

Beginning June 2nd, EGSA will begin collecting applications for the 2014 EGSA Technician of the Year Award (TOYA). This is the first time our association has ever awarded this honor. The EGSA community has embraced the concept and our first winner will be present during our Fall Conference in Mission Bay later this year.

The process begins with our Members in good standing taking the time to recognize a technician that goes beyond the call of duty and exemplifies how a technician should perform. The technician must also be EGSA-Certified.

With those considerations met, the online process is fairly easy. Applications (that include an essay portion) will be collected until August 1, 2014. At that time, the applications/essays will be turned over to the panel of judges, who will use a DD approved matrix to determine scoring of the online portion of the application. The winner will be determined a month in advance of our Fall Conference to allow time to plan the technician’s travel and time away from work.

For more information or details on prizes and rules, or to fill out an online TOYA application, please click here.