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5th Edition of On-Site Power Generation now available!

Posted On: 4-14-2015

On-Site Power Generation GuideThe long-awaited 5th Edition of On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power is complete and available for distribution and purchase!

 If you were present last month during the EGSA Spring Conference, we announced the printing of the 5th Edition of On-Site Power Generation. Now you can order it.

The 5th Edition represents a major improvement over the 4th Edition!
Here are a few reasons why:

  • Soft cover vs. hard cover - lighter and easier to carry
  • Over 700 pages vs. 600 pages in the 4th Edition
  • 47 chapters vs. 39 chapters
  • Consistent writing style throughout - easier to read
  • All chapters have been revised and updated
  • Ten new subjects are included

If you are in the business of on-site power, you should own a copy!

This is THE On-Site Power Generation book. It is all there. It's all in one place.

Click here for full details and ordering information.