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2015 Technician of the Year Announced

Posted On: 10-07-2015

EGSA Announces 2015 Technician of the Year – Mr. Mark Michaelson of Collicutt Energy Services, Inc.

The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) proudly announces Mark Michaelson, of Collicutt Energy Services Inc., as the 2015 recipient of our EGSA Technician of the Year Award, also known as the TOYA.

In its sophomore year, this industry award honors one generator technician who not only possesses the well-rounded skill-set requirements of electrical and mechanical acumen, but also to the singular person who has consistently gone above and beyond for an entire career. “Technicians are the unsung heroes in On-Site Power,” says 2015 EGSA President, Ed Murphy,” as first responders, we hope this award will continue to be held in high regard by the generator technician community, especially with our EGSA Certified Techs.”

The Award was presented during the 50th annual EGSA Fall Conference in Denver, CO during the Monday evening Awards Reception and Banquet. Thanks to our generous industry sponsors of the program (including Gigawatt Sponsors Generac Power Systems, Inc. and Leroy Somer), Mark and Renee Michaelson were able to join EGSA, and to accept the award in person. "Winning the TOYA award has been very humbling. It's a great honor to represent fellow technicians who day in and day out give their time and attention to the power generation systems and packaged engineered solutions industries. Having worked as a technician for 30 years, I’ve found it extremely rewarding to be able to work under pressure in order to fix a problem that someone else hasn’t been able to and I'm proud to bring this award home to Collicutt Energy," said Michaelson on winning the industry award.

In-kind donations were also presented as a part of the awards package, with Weidmuller sponsoring a tool belt, complete with insulated tools and FLUKE provided every generator technician’s favorite asset, the FLUKE 3000 Industrial Kit.

In addition to Mark, several members of the Collicutt Energy team were on-hand to celebrate. Steven Collicutt, CEO & Chairman, had this to say when presenting the TOYA to Mark, “At Collicutt Energy, our brand promise is ‘Raising the Standards.’ Mark, having a technician like you on staff is one of the ways we are able to uphold that promise to our customers. Having started in this industry as a technician myself, almost 30 years ago, I can truly say without a doubt you deserve and have earned this recognition.”

Recognizing that this segment of our industry did not have a formal awards program to showcase the strengths, talent and skills, this award showcases the amount of time and attention that our technicians put forth for power generation systems and packaged engineered solutions. “Technicians like Mark, are responsible for servicing, maintaining, selling parts and providing customer assurance, but the ability to think and act under pressure is what separates elite technicians from the rest,” adds David Brown, President of Collicutt Energy Services, Inc.

Brown continues, “Mark is a recognizable leader in the power generation industry and has always strived to exceed the highest level of honesty, integrity, professionalism and accountability. He has worked on a number of emergency situation projects, sometimes working through the night to systematically diagnose a series of compound failure modes and restore power to the unit at full operating capacity. With his elite skill, ability and perseverance, Mark has served multiple metropolises in the world to repair the ‘lifeline’ to many.”

For almost 50 years, EGSA has been on the cutting edge of generated power solutions. Providing codes and standards updates, emerging technologies, education, best practices, technician certification, and industry enrichment, EGSA is the leading authority in the on-site power industry.

Collicutt Energy is one of the largest power generator sales and services providers in the West. Recently, Collicutt Energy signed a distribution partnership agreement with MTU Onsite Energy, a Rolls-Royce Power Systems brand, and provider of diesel and gas-based power system solutions, from mission-critical to standby power to continuous power, heating and cooling. Through the distribution agreement, Collicutt Energy broadened its geographical footprint, streamlined product and service delivery for customers, and is now poised to be on the forefront of innovation and advancements in the industry.  Mark is a key component to this success.

About Collicutt Energy Services.
Collicutt Energy Services is based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. As one of the largest providers of power generation systems and packaged engineered solutions in the West, Collicutt Energy is a full-service organization driven to engage and sustain its customers by providing unparalleled sales and service expertise. With a knowledgeable and proficient sales and service force, Collicutt Energy continues to be a recognizable leader in the power generation and natural gas compression industry and strives to exceed the highest level of honesty, integrity, professionalism and accountability. For more information about Collicutt Energy, please visit


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