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Advanced Generator Systems course offered in San Antonio during Spring Conference

Posted On: 2-01-2016

To add more value to our Spring Conference for attendees, EGSA is offering a module from the George Rowley School of On-Site Power Generation called Advanced Generator Systems: Sizing to Service on Sunday, March 20th from 1-4 pm

This session addresses specific considerations in sizing and installing power systems from the perspective of a design professional or advanced sales and service personnel. Topics include determining a customer’s power requirements; an in-depth explanation of load types; characteristics and staging and their effects on generator set sizing and performance; selecting the right engine and generator for the application and what type of fuels should be recommended; environmental variables; noise and sound abatement and the associated impact on cost; selecting the right location for the set; and specific installation considerations and requirements, start up and service; and national code relevance and compliance. (3 Hrs)

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