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David Yuro of Modern Power Systems Named 2016 EGSA Technician of the Year

Posted On: 9-12-2016

EGSA and Modern Power Systems are proud to announce that Dave Yuro has been named the 2016 Technician of the Year Award (TOYA) winner. Dave, his wife and VP/GM of Modern Power Systems, John McClure, were in attendance at the EGSA Fall Conference in Sacramento, CA to celebrate this industry accolade in its third year of being awarded.

Recognizing that generator technicians had no formal achievement recognition program until 2014, the EGSA Technician of the Year Award is our association’s way of honoring and showcasing the on-site power industry’s first responders and unsung heroes, who determinedly give their time and attention to the power generation systems and packaged engineered solutions around the globe.

Generator technicians are responsible for servicing, maintaining, selling parts and providing customer assurance. In our industry, technical knowledge is respected and expected, but the ability to think and act under pressure is what separates elite technicians from the shade tree mechanic. These pieces of equipment are sensitive and complex systems that require expertise to keep the power on! The systems a technician works on can sometimes be the difference between a life or death situation.

EGSA is a trade organization for the on-site power industry whose membership encompasses generator manufacturers, distributors and EGSA Certified technicians from coast to coast. To be nominated for the industry TOYA is a great honor, and to win it represents one of the highest achievements in the industry. Dave's dedication to his career, customers, and his fellow employee-owners was expounded upon by John McClure for all EGSA members at the fall conference. Generac Industrial Power joined in the recognition and presented Dave with a gift of a portable generator.

“This is a proud day not just for Dave, or the Power Systems Service Team but all of us at Modern Group,” reported John McClure, on hand for the presentation made by 2016 EGSA President Bob Hafich (Emergency Systems Service Company).

For almost 50 years, the EGSA has been on the cutting edge of generated power solutions. Providing codes and standards updates, emerging technologies, education, best practices, technician certification, and industry enrichment, EGSA is the leading authority in the on-site power industry.

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