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Puerto Rico Advisory

Posted On: 9-27-2017

As the Governor of Puerto Rico pleads for swift action after Hurricane Maria, longtime EGSA Member, David Hurtado ( has come forward with detailed information to provide to fellow members who wish to help in this national crisis.

As most of you are aware, Hurricane Maria produced category 5 winds, flooding equal to that of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, crippled their communications and has done significant damage to a dam that puts the communities downstream of it into harms' way.

There are several ways you can assist:

If you have equipment or product ready, or are in a position to offer resources of any kind, we urge you to contact:

Hurricane Maria - Official Government of Puerto Rico Contact Information


Phone: (202) 800-3134

  • Individuals or firms wishing to make monetary donations can do so at To kick off this request, your association is donating $1,000 to this relief effort.

Special thanks to David Hurtado for this timely information. As an item of note, EGSA has made contact with this office and forwarded our 2017 EGSA Buying Guide as a resource, making sure that our member contact information is readily available to them.


Charlie Habic, Gillette Generators, Inc.
2017 EGSA President