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Meet the 2018 Technician of the Year Award Winner!

Posted On: 10-05-2018

Rob Plane of LionHeart Critical Power Specialists Named 2018 EGSA Technician of the Year











The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) is proud to announce that Rob Plane of LionHeart Critical Power Specialists (LHCPS) has been presented with the 2018 EGSA Technician of the Year Award (TOYA). Rob was joined by his family, co-workers and LHCPS President Don Ritter on September 24th at EGSA’s Fall Conference in Nashville.

EGSA is a trade organization for the on-site power industry whose membership includes generator manufacturers, distributors and EGSA Certified technicians from around the globe. Being nominated for the TOYA is an honor, but to win this award represents the highest achievement in the industry.

The Technician of the Year Award is EGSA’s way of honoring the on-site power industry’s first responders and unsung heroes, who dedicate their time and attention to power generation systems and packaged engineered solutions across the world.

Generator technicians are responsible for servicing, maintaining, selling and providing customer assurance. In our industry, technical knowledge is expected and respected, but the ability to think and act under pressure is what separates elite technicians from the shade tree mechanic. These complex systems are sensitive and require expertise to keep the power on - they can sometimes be the difference between a life or death situation.

This year’s winner graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agricultural Mechanization from Western Illinois University. A Master Electrician and Volunteer Fire Fighter for 10 years, Rob also holds both a single and multi-engine commercial pilot’s license.

LHCPS President, Don Ritter, had this to say, “Rob is not only a great technician, he is highly respected by his coworkers and customers, LionHeart is so fortunate to have a person like Rob who exemplifies our core values and leads by example in all he does. Our reputation is built upon the hard work and dedication of our entire team and it’s truly gratifying for all of us at LionHeart to see Rob’s efforts rewarded in this way.”

EGSA’s 2018 TOYA winner, Rob Plane, commented on receiving the honor, “I owe much, if not all of my success in this career, to the owners and my co-workers at LionHeart. We have a great team of dispatchers, parts guys, estimators, and techs… I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to grow personally and professionally here and am grateful for this beyond words. Thank you to EGSA for this honor. It’s a once in a lifetime deal and will remain a proud moment in my life.”

“Congratulations to our 2018 TOYA recipient, Rob Plane, your selfless dedication and hard work in service to your customers represents the best in our industry. Congratulations as well to Don and Dawn Ritter, owners of LionHeart, for nominating Rob and supporting the program. Rob, as the 2018 TOYA winner you are a fine representative for all EGSA certified field service technicians who literally put it all on the line every day…thank you and congratulations again!” adds Dennis Roundtree, 2018 EGSA President.

For more than 50 years, the EGSA has been on the cutting edge of generated power solutions. Providing codes and standards updates, emerging technologies, education, best practices, technician certification, and industry enrichment, EGSA is the leading authority in the on-site power industry.

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