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Update Your Listing for the 2019 EGSA Buying Guide

Posted On: 10-11-2018

Earlier this week we asked the primary contact from each member company to review the company’s listing in preparation for the publication of EGSA’s 2019 Annual Buying Guide.  The Buying Guide is distributed with the January issues of Diesel Progress and Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide (over 31,000 subscribers), as well as at EGSA events and PowerGen.  It is important that each member company’s information be accurate.

To see your company’s current listing, please visit the online member directory at

If everything is correct – you do not have to do anything.  The data will print as is.

If an update is required – please have the primary contact for your company’s membership log in to the member database at to make changes.  If you don’t know who the primary contact is, click here.  Please note that only the primary contact’s login can access the company listing.

To designate a new primary contact please send the request in writing to

The deadline to update your listing is October 22, so don’t delay!


Distributor/Dealer, Contractor/Integrator and Manufacturers Representative Members 

New this year is the option to specify if your company employs EGSA Certified Technicians.

You can purchase additional full listings for your branch locations.  They will be listed under the State/Country in which the branch is located.  Each full branch listing has a cost of $50.  To review the listing options and purchase additional listings, please click here.  


Are you interested in enhancing your company’s listing, or placing an ad in the 2019 EGSA Buying Guide?  Download the media kit. 

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