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Green Advisory: Suggestions for a Green Facility

Posted On: 1-13-2010

The following suggestions for developing a Green Facility have been offered by Green Committee Members and EGSA staff. Generally, improving efficiency reduces operating costs. Additional suggestions may be submitted through the Green Committee's web page,


Suggestions for a Green Facility 
  • Request energy audit from utility power provider
  • Motion detector switches for office lights.
  • Switch to low energy (fluorescent) light bulbs.
  • Tint south facing windows to reduce UV rays and
    a/c load.
  • Recycle all paper, glass and metal products
  • Replace large drinking water bottles with water filter/cooler.
  • Replace paper cups with washable cups or at least recyclable cups.
  • Strive to become paperless.
  • Use electronic storage devices for archived records, not paper.
  • Review building insulation and upgrade if necessary - blown in cellulose, for example.
  • Capture rainwater from roofs for manufacturing processes and/or where non-potable water can be used.
  • Install programmable controller on Heating/AC systems.
  • Running the air circulation fan constantly while the building is occupied can actually cut HVAC costs.
  • Switch electric motor belts to cog belts where possible.
  • Switch off all electric equipments when not in use, especially transformers.
  • Avoid open loop cooling system. However, avoid usage of ozone-depleting substances in chiller systems.
  • Use low pollutant emitting paints, carpets and other materials.
  • Configure working space to maximize daylight. Add skylights, for example.
  • If facility has high process heat load, consider CHP.
  • Implement "Lean" work flow processes, both in manufacturing and office jobs. Lean systems systematically reduce waste of time, materials and, ultimately, the energy and transportation required to process the waste. Successful Lean implementations free up cash, space and time, and result in higher quality products to customers that are available faster than with traditional work processing methods.
  • Print with smaller fonts, small margins, and print on both sides.
  • Use video or audio conferences when possible instead of traveling.
  • Use eco-friendly shipping practices.
  • Traveling: Rent fuel efficient cars or use public transportation when traveling, if possible.
  • Before purchasing new vehicle(s), especially service trucks, review the running cost of diesels vs gasoline against the higher purchase price of diesel.
    Automotive diesels typically achieve a 30% fuel consumption improvement compared to similar gasoline engine. Diesel passenger car performance is equal or better than gasoline powered cars.
  • Purchase hybrid company cars when available in required size range.
  • Purchase hybrid work trucks when available.