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Contribute Content for Powerline Magazine

EGSA actively encourages its Members and other industry professionals to submit articles for publication in Powerline, the On-Site Power Generation Industry’s preeminent source for information and insight.

What kind of articles appear in Powerline?

We publish a wide range of technical and business feature articles in an effort to illustrate the breadth and depth of the On-Site Power Industry.

Powerline Article"How-to" articles written by and for consulting engineers and distributor/dealers are of special interest. For example, a past issue discussed how to plan and design an On-Site Power system for uninterruptible power and peak shaving and explored the available options for equipment, installation, fueling, and financing using real-world examples to illustrate each point.

Case studies on system installations that detail how the project team identified and solved real world problems using the latest On-Site Power technology are especially welcome.

Prospective authors also are encouraged to submit non-technical articles that focus on the business side of the industry. Such articles range from doing business overseas to gen-set sales trends to how to get the most benefit from attending a trade show.

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What about press releases?

We welcome you to submit press releases for consideration for inclusion in the Industry News section of Powerline Magazine. However, due to the fact that Powerline is the voice of an organization consisting of more than 700 Member companies, we maintain a strict editorial policy that prohibits any endorsement of a particular company or product. As a result, we do not accept product-specific or service-specific releases for publication. We do not, therefore, publish articles detailing particular products or services, except within the broader context of an article as described above.

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EGSA Member Profiles

Member Profile ArticleMember Profiles are the perfect vehicle for informing the On-Site Power Community about your company. A Member Profile can provide important information about your firm's capabilities, its involvement with EGSA, what your views are on trends that affect our industry, along with providing a brief history of your firm.

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What's in it for you?

Authorship does have its rewards. You and your company will receive a by-line, and we will include a brief paragraph about your company and include your website information. If you prefer to provide an outline or brief synopsis of the article before it is actually written or if you have any questions regarding publication, simply email the editor.