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EGSA allows organizations to post job openings on this site, and they can choose to include the listings in Powerline Magazine, published quarterly.  To post an ad, log in to the EGSA Store and choose "Advertising" from the Category menu.  Job postings are free for EGSA members, and other organizations can post jobs for a fee.

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Current Listings

Advanced Electical ATS/Swithgear/UPS Specialist


Perform in-depth and advance repairs and troubleshooting on the mechanical and electrical aspect of electrical power generation.



Technician must be able to interpret schematics on job sites and in manuals for jobs that they are assigned to. Be able to use mathematical formulas as a part of troubleshooting.

Must be proficient in identifying components in system which include but are not limited to modular system, processors, power supplies, I/O modules and communications modules.

Monitoring systems – must be familiar with various monitoring systems including communication options, Modbus, upload/download files and parameters. Must be able to interpret information accordingly.

Must be at a skill level to comprehend logic of UPS systems and obtain the needed training for the products.

Technician must be able to fully understand PLC logic and must be able to perform complete PLC programming on various types of PLC and programming software.




Region: USA Mid-Atlantic

Organization: Gregory Poole Equipment Company

City/State: Garner

How to Apply:

Apply directly at


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