Spring Conference Recap and the Future of EGSA

Posted on June 02, 2021 in: EGSA News

Spring Conference Recap and the Future of EGSA

EGSA Chairman, Kurt Summers, recaps the 2021 Spring Conference and shares some insight into what to look forward this year.  Click the photo below to watch the video.

Kurt Summers


Keynote Speaker Presentation


Jason SchenkerThe Economic and Financial Future After COVID - Jason Schenker - President of Prestige Economics 

Jason's presentation focused on the economic, financial, and business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion included forecasts for the economy, recession risks, and financial markets, as well as the outlooks for fiscal policy, Fed monetary policy, commodity markets, domestic manufacturing, global trade, real estate, employment and jobs, energy, finance and FinTech, food and agriculture, healthcare, national security, international relations, and travel. Topics in this presentation came from Jason Schenker's recent book "The Future After COVID: Futurist Expectations for Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities After the COVID-19 Pandemic." 

View Jason's Presentation.

Microgrid Renewables & CHP Case Studies

Case Studies in Peaking and Continuous Applications - Tom Drake & Brian Ponstein of MTU America, Part of the Rolls Royce Group  

ComAp Power Control System for Willinga Park Equestrian Centre - Bill Becker of ComAp

How DEIF and its AGC-150 Controller Made a Unique, Sustainable Microgrid Solution Possible - Dave Stringer of DEIF, Inc.

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