On-Site Power School Instructor Appreciation Program

In 2007, the EGSA Board of Directors established an Instructor Appreciation Program for the purpose of recognizing the contributions on instructors -- and their employers -- who have devoted significant time and effort to the EGSA On-Site Power Generation Schools, and who have taught in the school for at least 5 years.


35 Years of Service

Herb Daugherty, retired from ASCO Power Technologies

25 Years of Service

Ron Schroeder, ASCO Power Technologies
James Wright of Marathon Electric

20 Years of Service

Terry Gaines, Basler Electric
Roman Gawlowski, retired from Detroit Diesel
Tim Hinde, Woodward
Dennis Roundtree, Onsite Power Inc.

15 Years of Service

Walter Chrysam, Alban Cat
Mike Dauffenbach, MTU Onsite Energy
Ole Haaland, ANNA, Inc.

10 Years of Service

Dave Alley, ANNA, Inc.
Bob Birdsong, OK Generators
Steve Evans, ComAp
Harry Handlin, GE Critical Power
Ed Kach of Caterpillar
Bill Kaewert, SENS - Stored Energy Systems
Jim McDonald, PowerSecure, Inc.
Michael Pope, EGSA
Steve Stoyanac, Chillicothe Metal Co., Inc.
Mike Witkowski, Pritchard Brown, LLC

5 Years of Service

Daniel Barrios, ASCO Power Technologies
Jess Denning
Harold Jarrett, OmniMetrix
Steve Lawrence, Woodward Governor Controls
Brian Ponstein, MTU Onsite Energy
Wayne Redding, Generac Power Systems