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Sunday, March 6
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Running a Business Built for Success: Hear from Leading Financing, Insurance and Fleet Management Experts
Speakers: Dave Ingram, DLL Financial Solutions Partner, a speaker from Federated Insurance and other experts
Description: Join our Pre-Conference Session for this important session with industry experts in Finance, Insurance, and Fleet Management. These experts will provide insight into best practices and options for your business with tailored advice for the On-Site Power industry.


Monday, March 7

8:30 am – 9:30 am
General Session: Why Not Your Best
Keynote Speaker: Terry Bradshaw, Co-host and Analyst, FOX NFL Sunday and NFL Legend

Description: A larger-than-life personality known for his energy, zeal and enthusiasm both on and off the field, Terry Bradshaw is an All-American icon. From his achievements in football as a Hall of Fame quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP, to his celebrity success as television’s preeminent football analyst, best-selling author, television and film actor and gospel singer with three hit albums, Bradshaw is a beloved household name who came from humble beginnings to achieve astounding success. Having reached the pinnacle of professional accomplishment and survived the depths of depression, Bradshaw talks about sacrifice, pain, competition and adversity. He illuminates how he used the power of positive thinking to reach levels of success he never dreamed possible.

9:30 am – 10:30 am
General Session: Case Study – Pittsburgh International Airport’s Solar & Gas Powered Microgrid
Joe Dougherty, Penn Power Group
Description: This session dives into PIT Airports new Microgrid operations. The airport celebrated the beginning of operations for its unique new microgrid powered there by natural gas and solar resources. The microgrid will generate power, in part, through onsite natural gas wells and 9,360 solar panels across eight acres.

Tuesday, March 8

8:30 am – 9:30 am
General Session: Why We Need To Hear From Leading Component Manufacturers Stamford Generators & Marathon Generators
Speakers: Marcelo Oliveira, Marathon Generators & Ryan Loso, Stamford Generators
Description: Component Manufacturers come together to discuss case studies that have affected both companies and take a deep dive into PMG, Diodes, and AVRs.

9:30 am – 10:30 am
Geberal Session: Are you Prepared for Succession Planning: Here from Private Equity / M&A Experts



11:00 am – 11:45 am / repeated 11:55 am – 12:40 pm
Session 1: CHP Applications
Speaker: Bruce Hedman and Richard Sweetser
Description: This session will take a look at combined heat and power applications in the onsite power industry.

Session 2: Diesel Fuel: A Proactive Approach to Proper Fuel Maintenance & Tank Integrity for Emergency Power Systems
Speaker: Michelle Hilger, Mongoose Power Solutions
Description: When it comes to diesel fuel maintenance for emergency power systems, the first things that come to mind is fuel sampling and fuel polishing. As the service provider, what actions can be done upfront to help prevent costly fuel problems from occurring while allowing your customer to budget for fuel maintenance as they do generator maintenance.

Session 3: Importance of Knowledge Management with a Modern Workforce
Speaker: Nathan Harris, EGSA
Description: Knowledge Management is an often-ignored piece of an organization’s training strategy. Transferring knowledge is not exclusive to new hires. The process continues through the life cycle of a team members employment. This class will discuss tips on hot to tap into the knowledge of your most seasoned team members and share/store that information for everyone to learn from.

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm / repeated 2:55 pm – 3:40 pm
Session 4: Microgrid Case Study
Presenter Info: Microgrid Committee Leadership
Description: The Microgrid Committee will be discussing some of the best practices regarding microgrids in the industry

Session 5: DPF and Tier 4 Compliant System - Customer Maintenance Perspective
Speakers: Robert Bono and Marc Rost, Johnson Matthey Stationary Emissions Control LLC
Description: Standby diesel generator operators are increasingly faced with the need to install and maintain emission control systems such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (SCR) and US EPA Tier 4F Compliant systems (SCRT). This presentation will cover the maintenance requirements of these systems to operate properly. Often times, owners and operators are provided with incorrect or insufficient information, and our objective is to educate the owners and operators of these emission control systems to increase their reliability and minimize the cost of ownership. Surprisingly, the benefits of proper maintenance are related to a simple understanding of key operational concepts and best practices.

Session 6: Learning & Development
Presenter: Nathan Harris, EGSA
Description: Mentorship Programs have been used by the US Military, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the most successful organizations in the world. This session will focus on best practices of very successful mentorship programs that lead to employee retention, better teams, and a more skilled workforce.


11:00 am – 11:45 am / repeated 11:55 am – 12:40 pm
Session 7: Converting Waste-Gas into Cryptocurrency
Presenter: John Alday, FlexEnergy Solutions
Description: The rise in cryptocurrency popularity and value has been seemingly ceaseless since its origin at the start of the millennium. Despite excessive, often expensive, and difficult to maintain power necessary to run crypto-mining supercomputers, scores of investors are jumping on the bandwagon to stake their own claim. Meanwhile, increasingly stringent requirements to minimize emissions and environmental impacts has challenged the energy production industry to reduce and/or omit flaring and venting. In this education session we will explain how Flex Turbines, running on stranded, associated gas and tank vapors have proven valuable to a number of producers for remote data processing, simultaneous with environmental compliance.

Session 8: Acoustics 101 - Noise Control Strategies for Industrial Enclosures
Speaker: Emanuele Bianchini, American Acoustical Products
Description: Noise pollution is becoming a predominant concern in highly populated areas. As energy demands increase and continuous power operations become necessary, installations of on-site power unit are increasing. Such units could cause significant annoyance to the population if noise is not properly controlled. This session will briefly cover the fundamentals of acoustics, sound, vibration, as well as the difference between airborne and structure borne noise. We will then explore how a typical power generator creates noise and what type of strategies can be used to reduce the noise of the unit so that noise requirements can be met. A survey of different enclosure construction types will be shown. Particular attention will be provided to the typical noise control materials as well as some of the latest and most innovative methods currently available in industry.

Session 9: Important Fuel Considerations in Prime Power Applications
Presenter Info: Matthew Quinn, Siemens Energy
Description: There are many important aspects that need to be considered when applying a reciprocating internal combustion engine in a prime power application to ensure a successful installation. Without a doubt one of the key areas that needs to be reviewed is the very fuel you plan on using to generate power. Whether you plan on using a commercially available fuel, or a non-commercial fuel to convert your waste gas to energy, it is critical to understand the makeup of your fuel and the impact that it will have on your gas engine. This presentation aims to cover important characteristics to consider when reviewing your fuel and the effect on the engine’s performance and operation.


On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power, 5th edition

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