Journeyman Technicians will earn up to 10 Recertification Credits towards Recertification for attending Conference Education Sessions. 


Monday, April 8
8:30 am – 9:45 am

Monetary Policy and the Economy: So Far So Good

Charles Evans, Economic & Financial Expert, Former President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Nelda J. Connors, Former Director Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and CEO of Pine Grove Holdings, LLC

The Jay Powell Fed has signaled that they expect inflation will end 2024 near 2.5 percent, down dramatically from the elevated rates of 2022 and 2023. An economic soft landing is in sight, with continued low unemployment rates and economic growth only modestly below trend for 2024. Opinions vary widely between Fed policymakers and financial market participants as to whether financial conditions ease only a bit or more dramatically as 2024 unfolds. 


10:00 am – 11:00 am

Mastering Power System Equipment Specifications & Design: A Guide to Avoiding Common Pitfalls for Consulting Engineers, End-Users and Industry Participants

Moderator: Carlos Jimenez, BR+A Consulting Engineers  

Panelists: Jim Briceno, ASCO Power Technologies; Joseph Dickinson, Ring Power Corporation; Joe Kendall, Schneider Electric; Jennifer Nekuda, Kohler Power; Mariano Rojas, Cummins

This panel is comprised of leading industry professionals who, despite representing different companies, share a consensus on crucial topics within power system design. The collaboration of diverse perspectives will provide attendees with valuable insights, best practices, and tips for navigating the intricate landscape of power system equipment specification and design. Topics include recommendations for installation, operations, and servicability of power systems equipment; power studies and selective coordination; common pitfalls to avoid when writing specifications and interpreting design documents; transfer switch specifications and uses; and when to include permanent docking station connections for temporary alternate power sources. The panel will be followed by in-depth engineering breakout sessions throughout the conference.   


Monday, April 8
1:00 pm – 1:45 pm; repeated from 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Sustainable Onsite Power Generation for Data Centers – aka Microgrids

Presenter: Carsten Baumann, Director Strategic Initiatives, Schneider Electric

Data centers face unprecedented challenges. The demand for data centers services to support our digital economies continuing to grow at a rapid pace. In this session, we will explore microgrid possibilities that exists for them today and what’s on the horizon moving forward.


Leveraging Data to Optimize Field Service Operations

Presenters: Andrew Knox, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, MSI Data and Dane Olsen, Director of Operations, Generator Solutions, Inc.

Gaining visibility into your critical service KPIs will unlock your ability to run your business more efficiently. Having insights into your service operations allows organizations to maximize profitability, while reducing costs. This session will help attendees understand access data and how to monitor it over time.


Leadership...Why Does IT Matter?

Presenter: Marty Riesberg, Lead Instructor, NEXT Leadership Academy

This session will uncover the immense opportunities that leadership presents in the On-Site Power Generation industry. The landscape is evolving, with traditional leader-centric models giving way to dynamic distributed and shared leadership structures that empower individuals at every organizational level.


Clearing the Air: A Sustainable Approach to Minimizing Black Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from On-Site Diesel Generators

Presenters: Paul Anderson, CEO, Rypos Inc. and Bryan Dusza, National Sales Manager, Rypos Inc. 

While sustainability efforts and a deepening of air quality regulations are increasing around the world, some industry sectors are proving harder to decarbonize than others. This session will break down the impacts of diesel emissions and provide a case study on Rypos partnership with local utilities to reduce diesel emissions.

Tuesday, April 9

9:15 am – 10:00 am; repeated from 10:15 am 11:00 am

Microgrids for Resiliency and Energy Services

Presenter: Ian Walch, Director Energy Solutions and Partnerships, Enchanted Rock

Microgrids are now a proven solution for industrial customer resiliency.  This session will discuss how how microgrids are a cleaner, more reliable, and can provide dispatchable grid services to reduce the cost of on-site resiliency. 

Women in On-Site Power - A Panel Presentation

Moderator: Shana Duthie, Principal, Duthie Consulting Group

Panelists: Lisa Carter, Vice President, CD & Power and Rebecca Lore, Product Manager, Lex Products 

This session will discuss the challenges faced by women in the Onsite Power industry, look at ways of empowering women, adding more leadership opportunities, and discuss the benefits your business will have from broader engagement.

Development and Retention of Service Technicians

Presenters: Jon Pinney, Learning & Development Manager, Buckeye Power Sales and Randy Gross, Head of Sales and QA, Duthie Power Services

This session will discuss clear developmental pathways and how they lead to increased retention. We will review case studies on two separate EGSA Member companies that have found success in development and retention of service technicians.

Being the Hero for your Customer

Presenters: Tom Wein, Executive Director of Education, EGSA and Sterling Dixon, Power Rental Service Manager, Entech Sales

In this session we will break down a project that experienced multiple hurdles and how preparedness by all aspects of the business led to successful completion of the project. From training, dispatch, technicians, supply, and admin all aspects of the business need to work together to complete the mission.


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