EGSA Performance Standards

One of EGSA's prime functions is to participate in the writing of national standards involving the use of on-site power, e.g. The National Electrical Code. These standards include code listings, glossaries, and guides. 

In addition to these inter-industry standards, EGSA has in the past developed performance standards for equipment and components particular to its industry.

EGSA's Standards Development Process

Standards developed by EGSA in the past have represented a consensus of sound engineering principles and practice based upon experience, keeping safety and reliability as prime considerations.

Through EGSA committees, experts in each field from a number of member companies contributed their time and effort to the writing. It was not EGSA's intent to duplicate other existing standards. Where other standards relate, they were referenced.

Should EGSA update existing standards, notice will be published in EGSA's Powerline Magazine and on this Web site.

EGSA Standards

Most EGSA standards are available for free download.  Click here to visit the download page to see what is available.

Non-EGSA Standards

Performance Specification for Military Mobile Power Sources (0.5kW TO 15kW)

This specification covers the technical requirements for general purpose military mobile power sources from 0.5kW to 15kW, with 50/60 Hz AC & DC outputs. Configurations include skid or trailer mounted systems; the power sources are fueled with JP-8 or DoD diesel fuels used for ground systems. The intent of this specification is to document the minimum key performance parameters KPPs) and critical non-KPP technical requirements deemed essential for any power source for military use in pan-climatic combat environments. Potential power source technologies include rotating machines with internal or external combustion engines, fuel cells, i.e., PEM, SOFC, DMFC, etc., thermoelectrics, thermophotovoltaics, solar photovoltaics, solar dynamic systems and AMTEC.* Any other energy conversion & energy storage technology may also be deemed applicable by a DoD proponent.

You may download the standard here, and direct your questions to Mr. Chris Bolton (Chief, Technical Management Div at PM E2S2) at (703) 704-1995.