EGSA Committee Officer Openings

Posted on March 04, 2021 in: EGSA News

EGSA Committee Officer Openings

EGSA Committees are composed of volunteer Members who contribute their knowledge and time to forward the Association’s activities, while also serving the On-Site Power Industry as a whole.

This year we have several Committee Officer openings. We have provided a list with contact information for existing Committee Officers and Board Liaisons. Please feel free to reach out to the EGSA Members on this list if you are interested in offering your expertise and time to one of the committees. An added benefit of committee service is that it is one of the qualifications needed to hold offices on the EGSA Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

How to Participate on EGSA Committees

There is no formal Committee sign-up process in EGSA. If you are interested in participating on a committee (and making an impact on the association and the industry), the best course of action is to let the committee’s chairperson know of your interest, and to show up at committee meetings. Then be sure to volunteer when the committee needs someone to accomplish a specific task.


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