EGSA Committees

EGSA Committees

EGSA Committees each have a role to play in how EGSA moves forward in various areas over time.  They are composed of volunteer EGSA members who contribute their knowledge and time to forward the Association's activities. Committees meet in person twice a year - during the Spring and Fall Conferences - to review projects in their zone of responsibility and recommend actions to the Board of Directors.  Most of the committees communicate between meetings via conference calls and online via Linkedin Groups.

How to Participate

EGSA's current committees are listed to the right, click on each committee name to learn more.  If you are interested in participating on a committee (and making an impact on the association and the industry), the best course of action is to let the committee's chairperson know of your interest, and to show up at committee meetings. Then be sure to volunteer when the committee needs someone to accomplish a specific task.

Are you a Committee Officer?

Please visit our Committee Officers page to find forms and templates for your use throughout your term.