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Creating the various publications EGSA produces requires input from expert members in every facet of on-site power: technical, marketing, business, sales, etc.

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On-Site Power Industry-Specific Publications

A big part of EGSA's mission is the sharing of "relevant knowledge and trends with industry professionals", and we do that through a number of unique industry publications, from textbooks and standards to our industry-leading magazine.

EGSA Buying Guide and Membership Directory

Buying GuideEach January, EGSA publishes a new Buyer's Guide and Member Services Directory listing every Member. It is the ultimate gen-set industry buyer's guide, because the Members are listed in one or more of 23 different product categories. Plus, each member's listing shows whether they sell, rent, and/or service equipment.

On-Site Power Generation Book

The 5th edition of On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power is the "bible" of the industry. It contains the most complete and up-to-date technical information covering on-site electrical power generation.

Powerline Magazine

Powerline magazine is EGSA's flagship publication. Whether you are an Engineer, Salesperson, Generator Service Technician, Distributor/Dealer or you just have an interest in On-Site Power, you're sure to find something engaging in every issue.

Performance Standards

One of EGSA's prime functions is to participate in the writing of national standards involving the use of on-site power, e.g. The National Electrical Code. These standards include code listings, glossaries, and guides. 

In addition to these inter-industry standards, EGSA has in the past developed performance standards for equipment and components particular to its industry.