Committee Officer Documents

The following documents are for your use in your EGSA Committee Meetings. We ask that each Committee Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Board Liaison download and use these forms. 

  • EGSA Committee Officers: Selection, Job Descriptions & Responsibilities - Details everything you need to know about leading an EGSA Committee, from election procedures, to mission statements, to the duties of each Committee Officer.
  • EGSA Committee Officer Timeline – Want to be in the know on important deadlines when it comes to EGSA Committee Officer Responsibilities? Need advice on where you need to be and at what time? Download this handy guide to make life easier!
  • Committee Agenda and Meeting Minutes Template – The minutes will be posted to each committee's page on the EGSA website following the Spring & Fall Conferences. Use this document as the basis for your committee's minutes for consistency. It requires only a brief description of your Committee's discussions, followed by a list of all "Action Items" that came out of the meeting. This will help you, your Committee Members, and EGSA Staff to identify items that may require follow-up.
  • Committee Attendance Template - Use this revised document to list all those attending the Committee meeting at the Conference.
  • Committee Initiatives - Each Committee is responsible for reviewing the Committee initiatives annually. Please use this standardized template so that we may consistently report these initiatives back to the EGSA Board of Directors.

Please advise EGSA Staff if you experience any difficulty or have concerns relating to the materials above.