Conference Planning Committee

Conference PlanningWorking in conjunction with EGSA staff and the Board of Directors, the Committee develops all content and themes for the Association’s conferences. The Committee hosts EGSA members, speakers and guests for the spring and fall conferences, and fulfills conference emcee duties by providing welcoming comments, introductions, announcements, timekeeping and managing the general flow of the conference.

The Committee solicits, reviews and approves all speakers, speaker resumés and presentation content. During each conference, the Committee also surveys attendees and then reviews and compiles respondents’ comments and rankings to determine the effectiveness of the conference agenda and the direction of future conferences.



Applied Catalysts
Phone: (678) 332-1399

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Vice Chair

FM Generator
Phone: (781) 828-0026

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Niki PokwinskiNiki Pokwinski
KHL Group
Phone:  (262) 754-4100

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 Board Liaison

Hal Walls

MineTerra Corporation
Phone: (775) 300-9055

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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held during the EGSA 2019 Fall Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Conference dates are September 15-17, 2019.  The meeting agenda will be made available one month prior to the conference.


2019 March MinutesCommittee Minutes136.31 KBDownload
2018 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes143.80 KBDownload
2018 March MinutesCommittee Minutes118.24 KBDownload
2017 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes76.24 KBDownload
2016 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes118.63 KBDownload
2016 March MinutesCommittee Minutes49.94 KBDownload
2015 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes203.71 KBDownload
2015 March MinutesCommittee Minutes59.82 KBDownload
2014 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes113.85 KBDownload
2014 March MinutesCommittee Minutes120.77 KBDownload
2013 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes116.25 KBDownload
2013 March MinutesCommittee Minutes35.36 KBDownload