Distributor/Dealer Committee

Distributor DealersThe Committee is actively engaged in sharing with member companies the needs and proven solutions to common industry challenges for Distributors and Dealers in the area of Sales, Product Support, and Business Management, regardless of brand, geographic location or company size.  Action items to enhance the D/D member community are presented to the Board for review and approval as a result of this committee’s efforts.

The Committee discusses and prioritizes topics of interest to all D/D’s to be developed at future conferences either in the D/D Committee meeting or during the general membership presentations. Guest speakers in a given field of expertise are frequently called upon for conference committee meetings.  Enhanced conference participation through regional D/D solicitation is an active part of this committee’s efforts.



Al PowersAl Powers
Powers Generator Service, LLC
Phone: (603) 352-9334

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Vice Chair

Michelle HilgerMichelle Hilger
Mongoose Power Solutions, LLC
Phone: (215) 370-1119

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Lee NewtonLee Newton
Bay Diesel Corp.
Phone: (804) 230-3495

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Board Liaison

Bob PiskeBob Piske
Arizona Generator Technology
Phone: (623) 937-1719

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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held during the EGSA 2019 Fall Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Conference dates are September 15-17, 2019.  The meeting agenda will be made available one month prior to the conference.

Join the Discussion!

LinkedIn GroupsThis committee has a group on LinkedIn to allow the committee to collaborate between meetings. We encourage you to join and participate in the discussion. Note that only employees of EGSA member firms can join.

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2019 March MinutesCommittee Minutes64.35 KBDownload
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2018 Fall - Meeting SlidesCommittee Presentation1,001.78 KBDownload
2014 Fall - Hero2HireCommittee Presentation148.34 KBDownload
2014 Fall - Committee WelcomeCommittee Presentation1.01 MBDownload
2013 Spring - DD PresentationCommittee Presentation2.33 MBDownload
2012 Fall - Tier 4Committee Presentation200.04 KBDownload
2012 Fall - Technician of the Year AwardsCommittee Presentation338.94 KBDownload
2012 Fall - Service AgreementsCommittee Presentation483.05 KBDownload
2012 Fall - DD Committee SlidesCommittee Presentation1.37 MBDownload

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