Education Committee

EducationWorking with the Education Director and with feedback and input from EGSA members and the industry at large, the Committee ensures that EGSA is providing the most comprehensive and highest quality educational programming possible.

The Committee takes an active role in monitoring and making improvements to our On-Site Power Generation schools, Continuing Education Unit (CEU) program and to On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book. The Committee also reviews credentials of prospective instructors and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for their approval. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Committee looks forward to identify future needs and proactively creates programs, plans and strategies that are recommended to the Board of Directors for review and action.


Richard KnittelRichard Knittel
Prime Power Services, Inc.
Phone: 770-739-2300
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Vice Chair

Paul FeldPaul Feld
Penn Power Systems
Phone: 716-822-0051
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Greg WaltersGreg Walters
Phone: 509-536-8673
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Board Liaison

Michael PopeMichael Pope
Phone:  617-824-0407
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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Sept. 18, 2017 during the 2017 EGSA Annual Fall Conference in Minneapolis, MN.


2017 March MinutesCommittee Minutes34.50 KBDownload
2016 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes32.85 KBDownload
2016 March MinutesCommittee Minutes28.12 KBDownload
2015 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes23.14 KBDownload
2015 March MinutesCommittee Minutes26.46 KBDownload
2014 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes24.16 KBDownload
2014 March MinutesCommittee Minutes18.45 KBDownload
2013 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes40.77 KBDownload
2013 March MinutesCommittee Minutes38.95 KBDownload
2012 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes22.62 KBDownload
2012 March MinutesCommittee Minutes19.71 KBDownload
2011 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes21.99 KBDownload
2010 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes69.19 KBDownload
2010 March MinutesCommittee Minutes21.35 KBDownload