International Trade Committee

International TradeThe Committee provides periodic analysis of the world market for equipment and services provided by the EGSA membership and monitors and forecasts economic and political trends that would affect this trade. The Committee promotes U.S. export programs and participation in appropriate trade shows and fosters increasing involvement in international trade by EGSA members. The Committee also educates EGSA members on best practices for offshore business opportunities, management, and risk avoidance.


David VennieDavid Vennie
Worldwide Power Products, Inc.
Phone: 713-434-2300
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Vice Chair

Patricia ArauzPatricia Arauz-Corrow
Quest Power International, LLC
Phone: 321-662-5490
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Kate ThomasKate Thomas
Rx Monitoring
Phone:  (603) 666-6606

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Board Liaison

Justin McMahon Justin McMahon
Nidec Electric Power Generation
Phone:  (952) 828-3243

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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held during the EGSA 2019 Fall Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Conference dates are September 15-17, 2019.  The meeting agenda will be made available one month prior to the conference.


2019 March MinutesCommittee Minutes53.08 KBDownload
2018 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes27.18 KBDownload
2018 March MinutesCommittee Minutes204.67 KBDownload
2017 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes70.31 KBDownload
2017 March MinutesCommittee Minutes77.63 KBDownload
2016 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes70.19 KBDownload
2016 March MinutesCommittee Minutes58.25 KBDownload
2015 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes48.78 KBDownload
2015 March MinutesCommittee Minutes52.79 KBDownload
2014 March MinutesCommittee Minutes61.24 KBDownload
2013 Sept. MinutesCommittee Minutes66.41 KBDownload
2013 March MinutesCommittee Minutes65.05 KBDownload

Committee Presentations

2019 Spring85.32 KB 
2013 Spring - US-Korea Free Trade Agreement95.17 KB 
2013 Spring - CAFTA/NAFTA 970.58 KBCopy of presentation by Dan Bjerk, Sr. International Trade Specialist, US Department of Commerce. Presentation included information on assistance available to US exporters as well as specific CAFTA/NAFTA data.
2013 Spring - Argentina: 4 Process Obstacles162.22 KBWhite paper compliments of Dan Bjerk, US Commerce Department. Argentina remains a key market for U.S. exports to Latin America. However, recent controls have made exporting goods from any country to Argentina more difficult, as the Argentine Government h
2013 Spring - EGSA HS Codes Trade Data1.52 MBPivot table compliments of Dan Bjerk, US Commerce Department. Look up export/import information worldwide for HS codes relevant to EGSA members.

Join the Discussion!

LinkedIn GroupsThis committee has a group on LinkedIn to allow the committee to collaborate between meetings. We encourage you to join and participate in the discussion. Note that only employees of EGSA member firms can join.

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